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Apprentice at Wisdom of the Herbs School

Apprentice at Wisdom of the Herbs School

Apprentice  at Wisdom of the Herbs School

Assistant presenting at Wisdom of the Herbs School

Apprentices at Wisdom of the Herbs School in Vermont

Student in the apprenticeship program at Wisdom of the Herbs School


Prerequisite: Applicants must successfully complete the eight-month Wisdom of the Herbs program.

Responsibilities: Assistants aid the teachers in the classroom and in the field. They are responsible for in-class logistics of student registration and payments, for set up and clean up, for overseeing the preparation of herbal remedies, wild foods and lunch, and for keeping the tea water hot. They are asked to arrive ½ hour before the beginning of class to set up and stay after class until clean up is completed.

One of the most important roles of the Assistant is assisting the instructors in holding the energetic form of the experience of each magical day. The experience of the Assistant as a graduate of the eight-month Wisdom of the Herbs program is grounding for the new students. Assistants serve as role models, in the kitchen, in the classroom, and particularly on herb walks and nature adventures, where spontaneity is of the essence. It is essential that Assistants stay tuned to the expectations of the instructors, and, by role model and awareness, assist the participants in following the energetic lead of the instructors. Thus it is important for Assistants to be aware of their primary role as Assistant first, and student secondarily.

Tuition: Tuition for Assistants is half the regular tuition. A non-refundable deposit, half the deposit for the program, is required to hold your place. Payment plans are available – please inquire. Early registration discounts do not apply. See also “Grants” below.

Application Process: Applicants are asked to submit an essay describing why they would like to assist. When the essay is received and the applicant has been accepted for the position, submit the registration form and non-refundable deposit to hold your place. Please use the registration form for the program in which you will be assisting.

Grants: Vermont residents may apply for a Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, (VSAC) grant. Be sure to indicate that you are applying for funding for the Assistantship Program. Grants are awarded to qualifying applicants on a first come, first serve basis. Call VSAC for an application: 1-800-882-4166 or write P.O. Box 2000, Champlain Mill, Winooski, VT 05404-2601. Students who receive a VSAC grant are asked to submit the non-refundable deposit to us with your registration form. If the entire tuition is paid by VSAC, we will refund you the deposit. Please apply early!


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