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Students at Wisdom of the Herbs School in Vermont

Students at Wisdom of the Herbs School in Vermont

Students at Wisdom of the Herbs School in Vermont

Students in the herbal program

Students in the herbal program.


I find myself talking with people about the things I'm learning in the Wild Edible Intensive, and almost everybody perks up - I think there's an instinctive awareness building in our society that these skills will become essential sooner than we may know. So this work to me is amazingly fun, yummy, soul-satisfying, and deeply important. J.H.

I originally signed up for the class because I wanted to learn about local plants and how to use them in food and as medicine. What I ended up with was a life changing experience. M.R.

Annie and George, your teachings have been so compassionate, gentle, playful and lighthearted and the lessons you both have imparted have gone to the deepest reaches of my soul. A.L.

All in all, Wisdom of the Herbs has served to open doors deep within my being, and reconnect me to a mischievously playful spirit of the wood, and invite me along a new path of being and healing. J.D

I am most grateful for the spirit-based learning and friendship with the plants. This course has been a huge piece of remembering my family and home in the universe. A.S.

My Mind and Body and Soul is full. T.H.

The nature adventures were always the right mix of hiking, looking, breathing, laughing and talking. I also loved the alone time and meditations, as they allowed time to reflect and be still. M.F.

The course was great!! It has realigned me with the natural world, increased my intuition, receptivity, observations, and of course plant I.D. D.R.

One of the most profound ways in which Wisdom of the Herbs and plant communication has affected me is in the way I eat and medicate myself. I've come to truly understand that food is my first medicine, which has helped me get rid of some unhealthy eating habits. M.R.

I didn't know any plants when I started this program and now I know so many! I also love Newcomb's and feel very confident in my ability to identify plants. M.F.

I have much more reverence for plants and understand the sacristy of being in their presence. F.F.

I've also found that, over the course of this class, my communication with plants has gone from almost nothing to strong impressions that affect the very core of my being. M.R.

Wild Leek Harvest - I was home. My fairy friends welcomed me back to the deep woods. Thank you. A.B.

Oh, the plant-people! I began dreaming of plant spirits during the course of this class and now receive messages fairly frequently in that way. M.F.

Plant relationships: Have been deeply kindled and are now intimately connected to every-day life and being. A.Z.

Before this class, I'd experimented with herbal teas but nothing else. Since then I have (on my own at home) made a couple of batches of balms, made steams and made burdock tincture. I really feel like I learned how to set the proper tone of reverence while preparing medicine, which makes me confident in my ability to make these helpful - and magical - things. M.F.

I think one of the most special aspects of this class was that there wasn't pressure to know all the plants because, like relationships with people, relationships with plants take time to develop. M.R.

The plants, and my journeys with them are teaching me to trust my inner Knowing: Teaching me to listen to my gut and my heart. A.L.

I AM HOME! I never knew that my connection to the earth is so ALIVE because the plant people are speaking until WOH (Wisdom of the Herbs). My life has completely changed, ENRICHED WITH INTENTION. Thank you. A.B.


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