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Through the Gate of Trees
ISBN 978-0-934747-18-9
144 pages soft cover
  The Home of Light
ISBN 978-0-934747-36-3
139 pages soft cover

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George Lisi, author of Through the Gate of Trees

George Lisi, (1952-2014), was a naturalist, meditator, teacher and poet who made his home in central Vermont. His poetry arose from his meditative practice, a profound and playful colloquy with the multi-dimensional sentience of the nature kingdoms, and a deep love and compassion for all beings.

Through the Gate of Trees, poetry of awakening
A consistently uplifting and deeply healing keepsake
of awakened relationship with the Earth and our own true nature.

the cloud people
in the evening light

floating through the world story
now and in the long ago

the clouds are water in the air
ponds that walk the sky

and their beauty moves within our minds
and travels
through our inner air

our eyes follow them
with the fond regard of kin
and a glow of family pride

for we are water in a skin
ponds that walk the earth

and together
we have journeyed
through all the weathers of this world.
                        ~ 11/26/12

listen carefully to who you are
the knowledge is in the stillness
beyond the culture tales

your back is broad
ridge strong, tree peopled
and clouds float in your hair.
                        ~  11/26/11

the trees

and breathe

roots and the air

and the world
that you share.

                        ~ 12/4/12


The Home of Light
speaks of trees and stars, of this world and the world that floats the world.
Of the soul deep joy of colloquy and connection with the inner life of all around us,
the hunger for the real, and the finding of it.  
from the Author’s Introduction


step softly
under the stars

that sing
to you

even when
they are not seen.

            ~ 10/15/13

the trees
are gestures
coded in the hills

that dance
the marriage vows

of earth and sky

with every
slow unfolding
twig and branch.

            ~ 10/15/13

at the heart of the world
there is a rose

the ageless
open secret
that you carry
with you everywhere

climb the tower
to the door above the eyes

and follow the thinning
of the thousand petals
to the dawn.

            ~ 12/2/13


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