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Deva of ingested plants
Message received by George Lisi
July 13 -15, 2002

Plants are beings.
Our lives are no less precious to us than yours are to you.
You have forgotten the ecstasy of standing
with your roots in the cool soil and feeling your sap rising
through the green spaces of your being
to the perfect joy of your flowers glowing in the Sun.
We do not cast into the future to find pain, or dwell on past scars, (or bites!).
When a plant is plucked,
we simply step from the Now in this physical world
to the Now in the spirit world.
We bend and nod in the Divine wind.
We tremble at the touch of the Immanence passing in and through our being,
and gracefully surrender the gift of form when the Harmony requires,
sinking from this Sun to another, all worlds and Suns circling the One.
The ecstasy of this circling transfixes all being and all worlds.
Just below the surface of we who exist, all of us, there is this Remembering.
All of this is at the back
when one being sacrifices their body to nourish the body of another.
When gratitude arises within you as you enjoy our goodness,
you are Remembering, and we are content.



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