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Our programs are filling quickly this year! I sense a heightened urgency and excitement in our communities as more and more people wish to gain practical tools for sustainable living, become resilient, and participate in “The Great Reskilling”, to use the language of the Transition movement.

Since 2003, Wisdom of the Herbs School has been offering nature-based programs teaching practical wisdom for healthy living and holistic healing, sustainable living skills, and joyous connection with the Earth and knowledge of the natural world. Each year we witness profound transformation and growth in our students - the opening of doors within themselves and into the heart of Nature. As one of our students wrote to us, “I used to say I lived in the forest, now I live with the forest!”

As our students grow into their own wisdom, they gain practical tools for resilient living: foraging for wild edibles, making herbal medicines, matchless fire making and much more. Strengthened by the balancing touch of wild Nature and empowered with skillful use of positive intention, our students embrace their co-creative role in these times of change. We are delighted to watch the ripples of Wisdom of the Herbs School’s teachings spread from our students to their families and communities.

We realize that we need to establish a Scholarship Fund to make our programs available to all who would come. Each year, we have a number of highly motivated applicants who are seeking Scholarship assistance in order to attend our programs. We ask for the support of our past and future students, our friends and communities near and far, to empower more students to benefit from these timely and time-tested teachings.

All financial donations will go to our Scholarship Fund. We also welcome donations of items for our classroom and school library. The list of our past contributors is below. Please use our printable contribution form (PDF format) to send donations.

Thank you for your support.

Blessings, Annie McCleary, Director

Wish list:
Wok, ring and lid
Knives and cutting boards
Hand grinder
Books: Foxfire, homesteading skills, herbals, Newcomb’s Guide to the Wildflowers, field guides on any aspect of nature
Sturdy wooden chairs

Contributors to Wisdom of the Herbs School
We wish to thank the following contributors for their generous donations of money, books, kitchen items, equipment and energy. Past contributions have included: $5444 as a result of our 2007 fund raiser, kitchen items including dishes, cast iron pans, bowls, teapot and mugs, coffee grinder, books including herbals and homesteading skills. Thank you!

Wilmer Brandt
Sandra and Buzz Ferver
Fred Cheyette
Shari Bell
Doran MacKenzie
Rosemary Gladstar
Jamey Allen and Bob Tudek
Cherrie Namy and John Dickason
Brenda Myrick and Jim Lienau
Barbara Ellen Raab
Louise Diamond
Jack and Anne Lazor
Luke Curtis and Trish Hanson
Dr. Leila Joseph
Honey Garden Apiaries
Barbara and Doug Flack
Rachel and Lonny Edwards
Devon Byers
Cheryl Conner
Peg Rood
Carol Warnock and Jimmy Gibson
Andrew Toby
Warren and Barry King
Erika Keller
Nancy Stevens
Daniel Haas
Burgi Von Trapp
Jon and Annie Sairs
Angela Talbert
Bruce and Holly Catlin
Tim Dugan-Levant
Sally Black
Muriel Worsley
Kitty Werner
Maveret McClellan


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