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These hour and a half long walks are held monthly, spring, summer and fall, usually on a weekday evening, and are a great way to build your local wild plant identification skills!

For dates and times call or email us, or join our email list for updates, or visit our Facebook page.

We will check out the local trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants in a variety of habitats, learn some natural history, edible and medicinal properties, and build relationship with the local plant-people. We don’t call folks to cancel for inclement weather since the weather can change so quickly. If the weather looks okay, the walk is on; if it’s pouring or lightning, the walk is off.

Sliding scale $10 to $0. Children under 12 are welcome and free. Pre-registration is appreciated.

Call Annie at 802- 456-8122 or contact us by email. Call for directions or see our Location page. Leave us your contact information if you are interested in carpooling.

Tree Shrub and Herb Walks by Arrangement

I am offering Tree, Shrub and Herb Walks by arrangement. Invite a group of friends and arrange a date and time with me for a Tree, Shrub and Herb Walk here at Wisdom of the Herbs School, $10 per person, $30 minimum, or on your land if you live close by, fee to be arranged. Call Annie at 802-456-8122.


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Our Page on Facebook

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